Boost Your Student Enrollment By 82% Or More And Showcase Your School's Unique Qualities

Let us show you how we use the captivating power of storytelling and the persuasion of sales writing to create a “movie trailer” for your school that captivates and persuades kids, parents, and potential teachers to join your school!

Boost Enrollment 82% and Beyond

Unique Storytelling Animations

Unified School Culture

Elevate your school with SparkMagic. We specialize in creating engaging ‘movie trailers’ for your school, harnessing the power of storytelling and persuasive writing. These bespoke animations showcase your school’s unique qualities and benefits, inviting potential students, parents, and educators to become part of your vibrant educational community.

But our animations are more than captivating visuals; they deliver tangible results. Our approach has not only led to an 82% increase in student enrollments but also driven substantial financial growth for school budgets. Schools we’ve partnered with, especially in the NYC area, have experienced over a million-dollar surge in their budgets compared to the previous year, all attributed to a single one of our animations.

Regardless of your school’s location or grade level, SparkMagic is committed to helping you achieve your enrollment and culture-building goals. By choosing us, you’re gaining more than just a marketing tool. You’re investing in a catalyst for unity and progress, a medium that encapsulates and promotes your school’s vision, rallying your community under one banner. Your school’s ‘movie trailer’ is more than an animation; it’s an exciting preview of your journey towards excellence and an open invitation to join this transformative journey.

Our Journey to Magic:
The 7-Step Animation Process

Transforming Your Vision into an Inspiring Animated Experience

1. Discovery

In this initial stage, you’ll partner with us to understand your school’s unique needs, goals, and audience. This includes participating in interviews and helping us grasp the intricacies of your school’s history, its unique selling points, and current market position. The end result is a clear project brief and marketing strategy that will guide all future steps.

2. Story & Script

Based on the information gathered in the discovery stage, we’ll create a story and script that aligns with your school’s unique selling points and goals. We’ll take into account the psychographics of your ideal target audience, usually parents, to craft a compelling story. This will set a strong foundation for the animation video.

3. Storyboard

With the script in hand, we’ll create a custom digital drawing storyboard, incorporating specific details like a custom-drawn image of your school building and other unique elements, ensuring a one-of-a-kind finished project. You’ll review the storyboard, provide feedback, and we’ll make revisions as needed.

4. Animation Production

In this step, our team will work their magic to bring the entire story to life. We’ll take the elements from the script and the custom-drawn storyboard and animate them, resulting in a vibrant and engaging narrative that reflects your school’s unique story. You’ll be involved in this process, providing input during multiple rounds of revisions to ensure the final product aligns with your vision.

5. Animation Finalization

In this stage, we’ll finalize your animation video. This includes adding music, sound effects, and any other finishing touches to enhance the video. Once finalized, your video is ready to be shared with the world.

6. Amplify

Now that your animation video is ready, we’ll develop and execute a strategy to maximize your video’s reach. This includes creating landing pages for your video, running social media marketing campaigns, orchestrating partnerships for referral opportunities, optimizing conversions, and striving for record-breaking signups for your school’s open house.

7. Results/ Optimization

The final step in our process is to track the results of the amplification strategy. We’ll monitor key metrics such as views, shares, likes, comments, and conversions (i.e., open house signups). Using this data, we’ll refine and optimize our strategy, ensuring you get the maximum possible return on your investment.

Empowering K-12 Schools with SparkMagic

At SparkMagic, we create dynamic ‘movie trailers’ tailored to each level of your K-12 institution. We capture how your school uniquely nurtures students’ growth throughout these formative years. No matter your school level, get ready to experience the power of our video animations below, and see how we illuminate your school’s journey from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Elementary Animations

We believe in the power of story. For elementary schools, we’ve crafted animations that bring to life the unique vision of each school and the transformative journey it provides. These aren’t just animations, they are invitations to step into your school’s unique world of learning. We invite you to take a look at some of our elementary school animations below.

Animation Testimonial

Engaging SparkMagic at our elementary school was transformative. Their animation created an inspiring depiction of our vision and ethos, fostering a profound sense of unity and pride in our community. The outcome was a significant boost in enrollment and a palpable shift towards a more engaged, cohesive school culture. It’s more than animation; it’s a catalyst for togetherness and progress.

Latoya H. | Principal
New York, NY


Middle School Animations

We aim to showcase the unique transformations that take place during these exploratory years of grades 6-8. Our animations are more than visuals – they’re imaginative narratives that bring your school’s distinctive features to life. Through them, we invite your audience to witness the dynamic and transformative education your middle school offers. Discover for yourself – we invite you to view our collection of middle school animations below.

Animation Testimonial

Since sharing the animation video, we’ve seen a significant increase in applicants to our MS, with over 60% now choosing us as their first choice. This is double the number from last year, and the video has been crucial in reaching an audience we otherwise may have struggled to engage with. It effectively communicates the value of our public school options to families and captures the attention of a generation that is increasingly drawn to animation. The video has become an invaluable tool, leaving a lasting impact and showcasing our school in ways words alone cannot express.

Vernon J. | Principal
Bronx, NY

High School Animations

We put a spotlight on your high school’s enriching journey and unique qualities. Each animation showcases the vital transformations taking place during these formative years. Want to see what we’re talking about? Check out our high school animations below and watch us bring the high school experience to life.

Animation Testimonial

I am genuinely surprised by the significant number of views of our video. Featured on our homepage, it’s the first thing visitors encounter, leaving a lasting impression. The promotional video has certainly played a role in recruiting students, as we’ve exceeded our projected registration this year and received a record number of applications for next year. It’s a testament to the impact of the video you helped us create.

Kevin H. | Principal
Queens, NY

Take The Next Step With SparkMagic

School leaders and visionaries, it’s time to bring your educational journey to life like never before. Our animations are not just about presenting your school; they are about sparking imagination, inspiring action, and building a future together. Ready to illuminate your school’s vision with our transformative animations? Request a quote below and let’s start creating magic together.


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